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Interview with GOD
This is a fantasy.
You may feel a bit of frustration due to your knowledge which you have more than I have.
However, you can enjoy this essay if you're just relaxed.

Why did You created the universe?

He replies,

"I was terribly bored, I wanted to have someone to play with. I simply transformed my consciousness into a physical appearance, which humans call the universe.

 God continues,
"I was bored and lonely, so I wanted to create an extremely time consuming, vastly complicated, and never ending game. I came up with the idea to create a universe. So, I did. The universe at this point could be understood as the first steps in the big bang theory. Creating a universe is not so difficult for me, you knowÖ but creating a life form was a kind of problem.  A life form that is intelligent enough to communicate with me.  Imagine that if you are playing the chess game only by yourself, you would not have fun at all. You need a opponent. I wanted to have a very competitive, skillful, and intelligent opponent, humans. So, I carefully designed a structure of a life form and programmed a course of progression.  It took sometime to form an intelligent organic system like human being.  This opponent functions and abilities would determine the environment. I really was thrilled to create the functions and abilities of them. Humans should make the game exciting and fun to play. I let humans have abilities to learn, recognize and evolve. I also let them have various functions to make progress on the game board, which is the universe. I needed to create them proficient in learning and inquiry. I also thought the opponent should take responsibility to pursue the game. So I made them capable of taking responsibility in some part of the game."

What is the responsibility that the humans have to take?

"Humans should give me feedback on what I created, which, is the universe and includes all life forms. I laid out significant and fundamental rules for life and the environment to continue to exist. So, if humans think that they are highest life form in the universe, then they have to take responsibility to maintain their existence. I truly didnít know which life forms would evolve into a creature like human, in other words, occasional modifications were needed to help human to evolve all right. I was so thrilled when huge reptiles, which humans call dinosaurs, became rampant and overgrowing on the planet earth. I needed to modify my initial programs because those dinosaurs seemed to prosper and to be dominant. I found that I programmed the evolving speed of brain power faster than the evolving speed of the physical body, so the dinosaurís brain had advanced faster than their body functions. I could modify their evolving speed of brain power to slow, then I needed to wait a lot more to see humans. And a tiny probability of a risk that humans would inherit a lot from reptiles would remain. So I had to destroyed them".

There are some theories to explain the extinction of dinosaurs. No wonder none of them could explain very well, because You destroyed them. But how You did it? The distinction of dinosaurs is so uncertain. It is a big mystery of the history of life.

"I am sure that their extinction must be a mystery to you. Uncertainty is a key roll for intelligent to continue to seek truth. So, I carefully destroyed them with some trace of elements that gives you uncertainty. A good mystery gives you a lot of optional account, but none of them can explain a certain things. I appreciate that humans created the Bible describing what I seemingly am. It also describes the process of creation very well, but the things were not so simple. I predicted that the time humans would take to evolve to acquire an intellectual competence to inquire about the nature of truth would be about 12 billion years. I programmed every element to evolve complementarily. This means everything is codependent and interrelated each other very precisely. Humans someday will be able to find and exploit fossil fuels at some point in the process of evolution, so I calculated the time when plants should flourish, which would take millions of years. In order for plants to flourish, a certain environment must be laid out, and that would take another several hundred million years. It would take about three billion years in total for a tiny seed of life to take various forms of life. The problem was where to plant the seeds of life. I thought about the probability that a galaxy would have a system that would cause life to transpire, and so the universe needed to be awfully huge."

"My most important concern was that I should never be seen by humans. I paid attention as much as I could to hide my existence. It is not so interesting if they realize that they are being watched by someone. Itís better that they donít know Iím observing them. But it actually did not take as much effort as I expected because humans see themselves as the observers, they seemed never to think that they were observed."

So, God, how are humans doing?

"I think they are doing fine so far. I was surprised when a man called Einstein said, ĎGod does not play dice with the universe.í By reputation, he was a pantheist, but it seemed to me he was very enthusiastic to learn about me. He was right, I do not play dice. As far as I observed, he nearly read my cards. I expected that humans, in the course of time, would be able to glimpse a quantum world. I did not want to make it easy for them to do so, so I divided an atom into several particles and gave each of them a tricky nature. As a matter of fact, there were no particles before 1900 AD. If you play games like chess with a computer, the computer will adjust its ability to win along with your skill. This is the same thing, if I think that you have good cards, then I need to have even more good cards. I upgraded the universe. If you were God, what would you do? Donít you want to have fun?"

God, will you please explain about quantum? Why it looks so weird? How should I interpret it?

"First of all, I shall say that there is a good evidence that humans are evolving all right and your intellectual power is achieving a higher state. In order that you understand quantum correctly, you should really learn about yourself".

What do you actually mean?

"That is, you are also composed of quanta. What do you think what is consciousness composed of?"

I believe that it may be a sort of energy. I think I can posit that our consciousness is a form of energy that is derived from the brain function, which is actually electrical charges that carry information around in the circuit of the brain. If it is electric, and it runs through the circuit, then I think the brain circuit creates a sort of electromagnetic field. If this electromagnetic field is consciousness, then it will interfere with objects.

" Thatís good!"

So, does this mean that our consciousness interferes with an object that we are observing?

"Right. Your intention to observe, which is consciousness, comes from your brain power, which is also electric phenomena. Also, your brain can accelerate particles and circulate them. Either waves or particles that you circulate, which is your consciousness, to interferes with any matters you observe."

Is that to say, as long as we have the consciousness to observe, then we will never observe a true nature of anything?

 "That is correct."

 But then the game will dead end. It will be over.

"That is not correct. You can observe with no consciousness. Efface your consciousness!"
 Observe with no intention to observeÖ..

....Are you implying the philosophy of Buddhism?

 "Well, think for yourself!"


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